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With just twenty days to go until our Accommodation Guarantee ends, find out more about submitting your application and also when you are able to book your arrival slot at your residence:

We are just finalising our information in readiness for our online eInduction and Arrivals system going live. This will be available during early August and we will notify those of you who have accepted offers of accommodation by email once these are live. We have created ‘how to videos’ about booking an arrival time and also completing our online eInduction, so if any of you are eager to see what information you require, then take a look at these for information:

Arrivals Weekend takes place on 14th-16th September. Find out more on our dedicated Arrivals and Freshers’ webpage.

Our Accommodation Guarantee – nearly there!
The deadline for our Accommodation Guarantee ends on Tuesday 31 July 2018. We would therefore strongly encourage those of you who fall within our Guarantee to have submitted your application on or before this date in order to be covered.

At present there are over 130 applications which have been ‘saved but not submitted’. Your application needs to show as ‘submitted’ in order to be received by the Accommodation Office. You can track your application on our website to see where yours is. We send an email to everyone who has submitted an application confirming that it has been received, so please double-check that yours is submitted and don’t just assume. We provide further information about this in our ‘how to submit an application for accommodation‘ video.

If you are applying from Wednesday 1 August onwards then you will no longer be covered by our Guarantee and the way in which your application is handled is different. Take a look at our website for more information this.

Going live with a Q&A
Join us today (Tuesday 10 July) at 12:30pm BST on the University of Exeter Facebook page where I’ll be taking part in a live Q&A for all things related to accommodation. We will aim to post this video in our blog next week for anyone who misses out. It will also be available after 12:30pm on the main University Facebook page and also our Accommodation Facebook page. This video will be coming live from one of our Birks Grange Village en-suite rooms (which are exactly the same in style as Lafrowda and Duryard en-suite).

Don’t forget, if you have a question for the Accommodation Office, we can be contacted Monday-Friday between 9:00am-5:00pm by contacting SID. No question is too big or too small!

Accommodation Catherine

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