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Today marks the start of our daily blog posts which will run between now and Friday 14 September. During this time the blogs will be posted at 10:00am Monday to Friday. They will provide information about applications, offers and arrivals and will prepare you for all things accommodation between now and Arrivals Weekend.

‘How to’ videos
We have created a number of ‘how to’ videos which provide step by step instructions on how to use our different accommodation systems. We strongly recommend that these are viewed prior to completing each activity because they are a very helpful guide. These videos are as follows:

Applying for accommodation?
We have a designated webpage for students applying during August/September and this will be updated with advice and availability over the next few weeks. We will also provide update on the accommodation situation through our blog posts.

If you decide to apply for University accommodation, please be aware that you are able to choose three preferences of accommodation, however, you will be unable to choose specific residences within your application and instead are only able to choose the following:

There is a notes section within the application, so please provide any additional information within this section, as we do read everything that is written down.


As well as our daily blog posts, we will also be keeping you updated on news and events via our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked our page already then we would recommend you do so in order to get the latest accommodation information. If you don’t have a Facebook account then don’t worry, we also have a live stream of our posts which show on the right hand side of our Accommodation website homepage, so you won’t miss out.

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