Last call for arrival bookings!

We have important Arrivals Weekend information below for those students who will be arriving into university residences. If you are arriving at one of our nominated residences, please contact your reception directly for information on where to collect your key.

Booking your arrival time slot for this weekend
Our Arrival Booking System will close this evening (Wednesday 12 September), so please ensure that if you haven’t yet booked your arrival time slot for Arrivals Weekend, that you do this today (ideally before 5:00pm).

Want to amend your arrival slot – but the system has closed/a slot isn’t available?
If the arrival time slot you wanted is no longer available or you want to amend your booking slot but the booking systems has closed then follow the advice below:

  • Arrive before 11:00am or after 3:00pm on either Saturday 15 or Sunday 16 September and speak to one of the Marshalls or Parking Attendants available on the day. They will be able to advise you when a space will be free in order for you to park and move in to your accommodation.
  • Please aim to arrive at either 15 minutes past the hour or 15 minutes to the hour to ease the flow of people arriving at the same time. Priority will be given to students who have used our on-line booking system and have a pre-booked slot so you may be asked to wait in another location until there is a space for you unload at your residence. Please do not try to book another arrival time on our system if this is the case.

Arriving after 16 September?
Our Arrivals Booking System will be re-opened during the morning of Monday 17 September. This is suitable for students arriving between 17 September – 16 October to book their arrival time slot.

Can I still complete my online eInduction?
Although our Arrivals System will be closed, you will still be able to complete your online eInduction and we recommend that you take the time to do this as you will receive residence-specific information. This helps to ensure a smooth arrival and safe stay within our accommodation. Take a look at our ‘how to complete my online eInduction‘ video for a step by step guide on completing this.

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