Request to move rooms

If you contacted us and asked to be placed on our ‘pre-arrival request to move’ list but have not received an update from us, then please arrive to the residence that you were initially offered. Please read on to find out more about what to do if you still want to move rooms:

Request to move rooms
If you were placed on our pre-arrival request to move list then this has closed and is now null and void. If you have not yet been contacted by us then we have been unable to make you an alternative offer that met your preferences. From Friday 14 September, once you have arrived, if you still wish to move rooms then you will need to submit a new post-arrival request to move. You will need to log this in the following way:

  • Login to SID with your IT username and password. You can then log an enquiry via SID Online, using the Accommodation: Changing room or residence FAQ pages.
  • After clicking ‘Log an enquiry’ from these pages you should see a ‘Request to move’ form to complete with a series of drop down menus.
  • Please complete and submit the enquiry, and you will receive an acknowledgement email from us within 3 working days detailing what happens next.

Currently, all of our rooms are occupied and we will only be able to contact you (by email or telephone) if a room matching your preferences becomes available and you are randomly selected from the waiting list.

We take the time to allocate you to a room/flat with people we think you’re going to get along with based on the interests you detailed on your application. So do knock on the door of your flatmates, say “hello” and get to know them. It’s probably their first time living away from home too…!

Do you prioritise any students?
We will look to prioritise students with a medical requirement or those who have been allocated to a twin, shared room in the first instance. Again, even with these students, we are only able to offer alternative accommodation once we have availability and are unable to provide a timescale on when this might be.

Useful contacts if you need some advice or support:

Residence Life Team – We know that living away from home and in a new city (or country) can bring new challenges, so every student living in our accommodation is assigned a Residence Life Mentor who has experience of student life.  Overnight, members of the Residence Life Night Patrol support Security by visiting residences. If you have a problem late at night contact security and they will arrange for a member of the team to help.

Please visit the Residence Life Team website for further information and to see which team are available to help within your area.

AccessAbility – If you have a medical condition or a learning difficulty which requires extra support then you can contact AccessAbility to discuss your requirements.

  • Telephone: 01392 723880
  • Email:

Opening times: 9.00am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday (Closed on Bank Holidays and University closure days)

Wellbeing – The University of Exeter Wellbeing Services team, made up of counsellors and mental health practitioners, are all highly skilled and experienced. They are able to offer advice, therapeutic and practical support to help students cope personally and to manage their studies.

  • Telephone: 01392 724381
  • Email:

Arrivals Weekend information
See tomorrow’s blog post for all the information you need about Arrivals Weekend. We wish all our students a safe and pleasant journey to Exeter!

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