Catered halls and meals for self-catered students

Well we’re nearly at the end of Freshers’ Week – already! I hope you’re all settled in and enjoying the start of your journey into University Life. This week we are looking at our catered halls and how students living in self-catered accommodation can purchase a meal.

Catered Halls – Menus available!
We have updated our ‘About Catered Halls‘ webpage with all of the menus which will be provided across our catered halls during the first term. These each include up to two vegetarian options per meal. Food options include burgers, wraps, curries, pasta dishes, fajitas, baked potatoes and so much more.

All that we ask to any student eating within our catered hall is that food items must be eaten in the dining hall only and are not to be removed from this area unless prior authorisation has been given.

Self-catered students – bored of cooking?
You can get social and enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast, weekend lunch or dinner in catered halls with meals starting from just £3.75. Why not take a break from cooking (and the washing up) and choose from a range of healthy and delicious options prepared daily by our University Chefs. You can either ‘pay as you go’ by purchasing meal vouchers from our catered residence receptions or alternatively you can enjoy the best value by purchasing our 7 meal package card available from Residences Receptions for £25.00. This also includes any themed events which are hosted throughout the year.

From now on…
Now that you have arrived at the University of Exeter, you are deemed ‘current students’ and everything that you need to know about your accommodation can be found within our current students webpage. This also means that if you have a query about your residence or a maintenance issue, that you should speak to your residence reception in the first instance.

Request to move rooms
We provided a lot of information for students who wish to move rooms in last week’s blog post. I strongly recommend that you all look at this for a step by step guide on what to do. Please remember that we will contact you if we have availability and if you haven’t heard from us, it’s because a suitable room has not yet become available.

For any other queries about your accommodation, please come in and chat to us! We’re available at our drop-in sessions within The Forum, via the SID desk (Streatham Campus) between 9:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday until 5th October, then 10:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday for the remainder of term 1.

Accommodation Catherine

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