Housing next year and vacant rooms

Our blog this week is providing information on room moves, vacant rooms and what to consider in your search for accommodation for next year.

Room moves and vacant rooms
If you have submitted a request to move form via SID then please note that once you have received our acknowledgement, this means that your details have been added to our list which is reviewed on a daily basis. When a room becomes available, we select a student at random from all those expressing a preference for that room location and make contact with that student to arrange a room viewing. At this stage, we are working through the list as quickly as we can but we have very limited availability and we are still processing requests submitted by students in twin shared rooms or those with supported medical requirements.

If you become aware of an empty room in a flat or within a friend’s flat, then please don’t just assume that this is ’empty’. It may appear empty but might actually be on hold for another student or even though someone may have left, we may not have received confirmation of the departure from their college.

Looking for accommodation for next year?
We are already receiving questions from students asking us about accommodation for next year. At present, it’s still a little early for you to be signing up to contracts. For the next six weeks, we encourage you to settle in to your current residence, get to know your flatmates, enjoy your course and take the time to meet new people.

During November, take the time to decide who you would like to live with or whether you would prefer to live on your own, which areas you would prefer and the type of property. Once you have thought this through then you will be able to attend our Accommodation Fair which takes place in the Great Hall on Tuesday 20 November between 11am and 2pm. On the same day, the landlord advertisements for the 2019/20 academic year will also go live on our Studentpad portal from 9am.

We will be providing a lot of information on our blog and via our website over the coming weeks, so do keep checking in to find out what you need to do to prepare. The video below by current student, Poppy will also help you to think about your options:

Drop-in and talk to us
Come and chat to a member of the Accommodation Office at one of our drop-in sessions within the Forum, via the SID desk (Streatham Campus). We will be available between 10:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday for the remainder of term one.

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