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We are now into November which means that the Accommodation Fair will be with us soon (Tuesday 20 November). This week’s blog is looking into which areas of Exeter you could live in and also some tips on where you can see what private accommodation is available in the city for 2019/20.

What type of accommodation is available?
Before you begin your search for private accommodation we recommend you take a look at the advice and information on our webpage which will help you focus on the important factors you should consider. It looks at the different private accommodation options available including:

  • Purpose-built private halls of residence
  • Shared houses and flats
  • Properties through private individual landlords
  • Properties through student letting agencies
  • Living with a resident landlord/host family – this is sometimes referred to as ‘lodgings’

We have also provided a useful Housing Terminology document to help you to de-code some of the typical jargon used.

Which areas of Exeter should I live in?
As cities go, Exeter is relatively small but there are plenty of residential areas you could choose to live in. On our website we show you several of the most popular areas for students. Those which are close to our university campuses are:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Stoke Hill
  • St Davids
  • St James
  • St Thomas
  • Mount Pleasant – close to both campuses
  • Central – close to both campuses
  • Heavitree – closer to St Lukes
  • Newtown – closer to St Lukes
  • St Leonards – closer to St Lukes

It might be worth considering looking a bit further away from the campus if you want to pay less for a nicer house. Good areas to consider for this are Pinhoe, Heavitree and St Thomas. These areas are all commutable by foot or public transport and it won’t take too long to get here.

Where do I begin my search?
The Accommodation Office administer the StudentPad website which is a free, accommodation search portal. Here you can find private accommodation and larger purpose-built residences. Adverts for 2019/20 will go live at 9am on 20 November 2018 to coincide with the Accommodation Fair which will be held in The Great Hall between 11am and 2pm.

Next week we will be looking into finding flatmates and what you should consider when looking for accommodation in a group.

Accommodation Helen

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