Guest Blog: Exeter Student Switch Off

This week we welcome guest blogger Joel Smith who is  the University of Exeter’s Sustainability Officer and he is advising us about the NUS ‘Student Switch Off’ Campaign and how you can save energy and win prizes!

Exeter Student Switch Off
The Student Switch Off campaign is currently underway at Exeter University – your chance to win prizes like an NUS extra card or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, just by doing simple things to reduce energy usage and protect the environment.

There are competitions running every two weeks such as the Climate Change Quiz as well as numerous Facebook photo competitions. These are quick and easy to enter and help to raise awareness about simple energy saving techniques. As well as various individual prizes given out throughout the year, the halls that save the most energy at the end of the year enjoy a massive end of year party. Last year Lafrowda Blocks C&D won the Student Switch Off competition and were awarded with a huge delivery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Get involved
To show your support for the University of Exeter Student Switch Off campaign, simply sign up here. You will receive e-mails every 2-3 weeks over the year informing you of competitions and events, as well as energy saving tips. You can also like the Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@EcoPowerRanger) and Instagram or via the hashtag #exetersso

Give Pearl (NUS Sustainability Project Officer) an e-mail if you have any questions.

Become a Student Switch Off ambassador
Another great way to get involved with the campaign is to become a Student Switch Off Ambassador for your halls. You will get the opportunity to gain skills in sustainability communications and campaigning and also help your hall to win at the end of the year.

Sign up here

Other Sustainability Opportunities
Please sign up to our sustainability opportunities mailing list to get involved with other exciting opportunities happening in and around campus, including projects similar to the SSO, as well as volunteering and internship opportunities.

Thanks Joel for the news. Next week we will be back with some more Christmas-themed notices.

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