Here’s to 2019

Happy New Year to you all. We hope you had a great Christmas vacation and are preparing yourselves for your return to campus this weekend. We know that you will be returning for the exam period and therefore want to wish you all every success during this time.

Moving back to catered halls
Students are able to return to their catered halls on Sunday 6 January from 9:00am. You will not be able to arrive or stay in your residence prior to this date due to your contract. Please note that the first meal available upon your return is brunch which will be served between 11:15am-1:30pm.

We have updated the term two menus, so do take a look at our website to see what is set to tickle your taste buds over the next few months by clicking on the ‘menus’ tab.

Coping with exam stress
We know that exams can create stress and pressure, so it is vital that alongside revision, you also plan in time to look after you! The University of Exeter has its own dedicated team to help students with their own wellbeing whilst studying at the University of Exeter. Take a look at the Wellbeing Services website to learn more about the range of resources available to you, inlcuding:

Let us cook for you
If you’re too busy/tired to cook and are living in one of our self catered residences, why not come dine with us? Get social and enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast, weekend lunch or dinner in catered halls.

Whether you live on or off campus, you can head to Lopes Hall (in the Exeter Halls area of campus), Holland Hall or Birks Grange (located at the other side of campus). Simply buy a guest voucher to use that day or a meal package card for £25.00, entitling you to 7 meals – each of which could be a three course dinner plus coffee if you like!

Due to VAT legislation, when eating within Halls, students must be able to provide proof of their University of Exeter student status by producing their Exeter ID Card.  All other visitors, including students from other Universities must pay VAT.

Semester one students moving out
Our semester one students are required to vacate their accommodation and return their keys by 10:00am on Saturday 12 January. Please see the moving out information on our website for further advice on what you should do. Please note that we are unable to accommodate any late departures because we have a very short time to clean and complete any maintenance on the rooms before our second semester students arrive.

Semester two students moving in
Our second semester two students are due to arrive on Sunday 13 January (from 4:00pm for students staying at James Owen Court or from 10:00am if staying elsewhere). You will have received information about your arrival via email. If you have any queries about this then please contact the Accommodation Office who will be happy to provide assistance.

Any accommodation for returning students?
For the 2019/20 academic year we endeavour to support individuals who, due to a disability, a long-term medical condition or sensory or physical impairment, require adapted accommodation or a particular location in line with the Equality Act 2010. Applications for supported returners accommodation will open on Monday 28 January 2019.

To be considered for returners accommodation, support will need to have been received by one of the following support services:

Drop-in sessions
Our Accommodation drop-in sessions begin again on Monday 7 January in the Forum. A member of the Accommodation Office will be available Monday to Friday between 11:00am-3:00pm. Please visit the SID desk and ask to join our queue.

Next week our double blog begins with one on a Tuesday for prospective students and one on a Thursday for our current students. So keep checking in on a Thursday at 10:00am to see what information is available.


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