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This week’s blog is the first in an occasional series which will run throughout the summer so that you can find out about services and facilities that are available when you come to the University. So let’s start with our colleagues in Exeter Sport.

Exeter Sport provides all your health, fitness and wellness needs in a convenient, safe and student friendly environment! All of this is right here in Exeter on the Streatham Campus at the Sports Park and St Luke’s Campus in the Sports Centre.

Your gym on campus that allows you to HIIT your goals before, in-between and after your lectures! Making us the most convenient and easy choice for your health and wellness needs.


We have top of the range Life Fitness equipment, a dedicated Watt Bike area, a dedicated Concept 2 rowing area, Ski erg and Eleikio weights and platforms which we know gives you the best health and wellness experience in Exeter.

Our exclusive offer to you will be communicated via our webpage in the lead up to August – offering you the best onsite health and wellness facilities in Exeter.

We are a student gym, designed for you and your home. Your gym is always staffed with highly trained fitness professionals. They are here to meet your fitness and well-being needs. We can support all of your needs and provide advice looking after you in a friendly, safe and inclusive space.

Get in touch! We are happy to answer any questions via

Exeter Sport

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