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It’s now four weeks since 2019/20 applications for accommodation opened. In this week’s blog, we thought it would be worth addressing some of the frequently asked questions we have received about applying for accommodation.

How do I apply for accommodation?
We have an online application system and to access this you will firstly need to register an accommodation account. Your accommodation account is where you need to go to make your application, view your offer of accommodation and confirm your acceptance, so it is worth adding the Log In page to your internet Favourites.

On your first visit to the Login page you will be asked to register an account. You can do this by choosing either “Register” in the top menu bar or clicking the link under the Login button – “First Visit? Please register an account“.

What information do I need to register an account?
In order to set up an accommodation account you will need the following:

  • To have firmly accepted an offer to study at the University of Exeter on a course starting in September 2019.
  • Your nine digit Exeter Student ID. This usually starts with a 68 or 69 and is not the same as your UCAS ID. You should be able to find your Exeter Student ID on any recent correspondence you have received from our Admissions team.
  • Have a valid personal email address that you will be able to access before and after your arrival at university in September. This is the email address we will use to send your offer and any important deadline reminders, so it is important that you will have ongoing access to it. Please do not use your current school/college email address as these tend to be closed down once you have left.
  • To have read and understood which students are covered under our accommodation guarantee.

I get an error message when I try to register an account – what should I do?
This is usually down to the details you are entering not matching those on our student records. Some key points:

  • Student ID – make sure you are using your nine digit Exeter Student ID, not your UCAS ID. Most students will have an ID starting with 68 or 69.
  • First name – make sure you are using your full (official) first name. If you are known by everyone as Charlie but your official record (such as birth certificate or passport) or UCAS application has you as Charles, you will need to input Charles.
  • Date of birth – make sure you select the correct date, month and year of birth from the pop up calendar that will appear when you click in the box
  • Password – make sure you choose a password which is at least 8 characters long and includes at least one uppercase letter and at least one number.

If you are still encountering problems then we advise you to look at our “How to activate an accommodation account” video which guides you through the process. If you are still having trouble then please contact us.

I haven’t received my validation code – what should I do?
It is likely that the automatic email with the validation code has been marked by your email service as SPAM – we particularly find this issue with Hotmail accounts. Check your junk/spam folders as you may find it there. We suggest you add our email address () as a contact so that it does not happen again. If you are still having trouble then please contact us.

Which application type do I need to use?
If you are starting at the University of Exeter in September 2019 then please select 2019-20 on the application session page. You will then be presented with a series of boxes similar to the image below – please select the relevant option to you.

Further information about these application types can be found on our “When to apply” webpage or you can take a look at our “How to videos” for a step by step guide on “applying for accommodation”.

Have a question? Get in touch!
If you need any support with your application or have any queries about accommodation then the Accommodation Office can be contacted between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday in the following ways:

  • Telephone – 0300 555 0444
  • Email –
  • Facebook –

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