Accommodation guarantee deadline

It’s a new week and another new blog post. Our Accommodation Guarantee deadline is Wednesday 31 July. Find out all that you need to know about this date and what it means if you apply from 1 August onwards.

Accommodation guarantee deadline – 31 July 2019
There is just one week now to go until our Accommodation Guarantee Deadline. All students who fall within our guarantee should ensure that their application has been submitted by this day. Please log back into your online account and check the status of your application. In order for the Accommodation Office to be able to process this, your application needs to be shown as ‘submitted’. Once your application has been received, we send an email to you confirming this. It’s always worthwhile checking that you have submitted your application successfully and received an email from us. You can check your application status on our ‘track your application’ webpage. You can also review our step-by-step guide on applying for accommodation by watching our ‘how to submit an application for accommodation’ video.

Applying from 1 August onwards
Students applying from 1 August onwards will not be covered by our Accommodation Guarantee. This includes any students who are coming to the University of Exeter on an insurance or clearing place. You can still apply for accommodation however only once you have firmly accepted a place on a course. Please allow two days for your information to be transferred to the Accommodation Office from our Admissions Team.

Please view our website for dedicated information about your application and how the process changes after our guarantee deadline.

Accommodation options in the city
If you are not covered within our Accommodation Guarantee or if you are still weighing up your options, there are other resources that can help you search for accommodation.

It’s not compulsory to new students who are covered by our guarantee to live in University owned or managed residences and you can also look for accommodation in the city.

Whether you are looking as an individual or as a group, Exeter has a lot of private student accommodation options available in the city centre and surrounding areas. These options include:

There is a video that you can also watch which talks you through searching for accommodation in the city and other options available to consider.

We hope you have a wonderful week. If you have any questions from today’s blog, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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