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We will start to send out offers from Monday 19 August to those students who have applied within our Accommodation Guarantee. If you applied by 31 July and your academic place has been confirmed, you will receive an offer by 5:00pm on Friday 23 August.

Off-campus or on-campus accommodation?
We will start sending offers out next week and every year, despite us trying to quash rumours, there is still a belief that all of our accommodation is located ‘on campus’. This is not the case at all. It is only our catered accommodation which is entirely located on campus, and our catered residences are all within a 15 minute walk to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum). 55% of our undergraduate self-catered accommodation is located on campus and 45% is located off campus, with a maximum distance of up to 35 minutes walk. The approximate walking distances from our self-catered residences to the centre of the Streatham Campus (The Forum) range between 5-35 minutes.

In all of our residences, including our nominated residences, the Residence Life Team offer support to residents, whilst our Estate Patrol Team are available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week as a point of contact for students should an emergency occur.

What our guarantee means
For those students who applied within our Accommodation Guarantee, you will be offered a bed space within one of our residences – which might be in one of our nominated residences. We would like to clarify that we are unable to guarantee one of your ‘top preferences’ or that you will be guaranteed a room ‘on campus’. Our Accommodation Guarantee is a guarantee of a bedspace in accommodation which is owned, managed or approved by the University.

You are able to track your application to see the state of your application. If it is still showing as ‘submitted’ then please rest assured that if you applied within the guarantee, you will receive an offer by Friday 23 August. More information on how we allocate rooms can be found in our room allocation procedure.

Booking an arrival slot and completing your online eInduction
If you have accepted an offer of accommodation, then the arrivals and eInduction system is available until Sunday 18 August but will then be temporarily suspended until Tuesday 27 August. This is due to the amount of offers being sent, as we do not want to overload the system. This system will be up and running again after the Bank Holiday and you will be notified by email and/or via this blog as to when you can book your arrival time.

Discussing your accommodation offer
If you wish to discuss the offer which has been made to you, please contact us on 0300 555 0444, email us at:  or contact us via our Facebook page. Next week we will be available between 8:30am-6:00pm Monday to Friday. Please note that our call volumes are normally higher around 12:00pm-2:30pm, so ideally contacting us outside of these times would be recommended.

If you are allocated to a nominated residence and wish to seek advice about an arrival with them directly, please contact your residence reception (choose the tab for ‘other’) in order to speak to them about this.

Accommodation Team

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