Private accommodation options

In today’s blog, we wanted to talk you through private housing options in the city and what resources are available to support you. If you’re wondering where to start, don’t worry. We have lots of helpful information to share with you, so put the kettle on, make a cup of your favourite hot beverage and have a read of today’s blog.

What private accommodation is available?
If you are looking for private accommodation within the city then we recommend visiting to see what shared housing, lodgings and rooms are still available.

It’s free to use and you can search for student houses, flats and lodgings in Exeter. There is a helpful video that you can watch which shows you how to use Studentpad. You can search by accommodation type, number of bedrooms or the weekly rent price.

In the property description, landlords include an overview of the house to give potential tenants an idea of who this might suit, for example, a postgraduate looking for a quieter place to live and study. Most landlords include photos of the property, bedrooms and living spaces. You can also contact the landlord directly to ask more questions to see if their house would make a good home for you.

Private student accommodation
There are a lot of purpose-built private halls of residence within the city which offer individual tenancies. These tend to be similar to University accommodation with cluster flats or en-suite and studio rooms available for all-inclusive rents. Many of the private residences also offer social spaces where you can have the opportunity to meet other students and form new friendships. We have information on our website about the larger providers who operate within the city. You can use this list of providers to contact them and make enquiries about their availability for September.

There are a variety of locations, prices and contract lengths available. Some private providers will offer shorter contract lengths, such as 17 week lets for example, for Semester One students. However, they don’t always advertise this until late in the summer towards the end of August. If there is a particular private student residence that you are interested in, it would be worthwhile contacting them directly so that they can keep you updated on their availability for short term lets.

Other online resources
Other websites to consider using for your search include:

Student Community Wardens
If you are going to be staying in the city, outside of University accommodation, you won’t be alone and we are still here for you. Our team of Student Community Wardens work closely with the Students’ GuildDevon and Cornwall Constabulary and Exeter City Council to support students living off campus. They are here to help you integrate into the community and settle into student life.

We hope you have found today’s blog helpful. If you do have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Accommodation Team

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