New residences opening in 2020

Good morning everyone! In today’s blog we will be looking at some information on our brand new residences which will be opening across the Streatham campus.

New residences opening in 2020 – apply from April 2020

From September 2020, the doors to our new student accommodation builds will open to their first ever residents! Teams from the University of Exeter and UPP (responsible for management of the residences) are excited to welcome the first students to these new, modern bedrooms on the Streatham Campus. All of our new bedrooms feature a 4ft wide bed, laundry facilities and multi-purpose spaces.


Moberly will feature 251 high-quality bedrooms. The bedrooms are arranged in cluster flats of between 8-10 students, with one shared bathroom between two students. 
Communal spaces at Moberly include:

  • Lounge/study
  • Study room
  • Multi-purpose space (bookable for societies and clubs)

We are offering rooms at Moberly with a 40 week contract length. Rooms are approximately 9.5m².
Moberly is located across the road from Duryard, another University of Exeter accommodation location.

East Park

East Park is our largest student residence development since 2012. With 1,182 modern, self-catered bedrooms East Park will be a new community for our students, in a convenient location.

This development is split into two phases; the first phase will be ready in September 2020, and the second phase will be ready from September 2021. While phase one is open, we’ll keep students up to date with the planned phase two works through regular communications and feedback opportunities. Please be aware that the phase two development will be in close proximity to phase one. If you’d like any more information about this get in touch with the team at

Phase One

Standard bedrooms

100 standard bedrooms in flats of 10 will be available from September 2020, sharing bathrooms at a 2:1 ratio. The standard bedrooms are approximately 9.6m².

En-suite bedrooms‌

From September 2020, 504 en-suite bedrooms (in flats of 5-8) will be available to students. Our en-suite bedrooms are approximately 12.7m².

The communal spaces at East Park include study rooms, a games room and multi-purpose spaces (bookable for societies and clubs). 


A kitchen, living and dining area at Spreytonway

For our ever-growing postgraduate community, we have developed Spreytonway. All 131 bedrooms at Spreytonway are en-suite and organised in flats of 7-9 students. Spreytonway offers a 44 week contract length, the rooms are approximately 15m². This accommodation is conveniently located close to Lafrowda and the Cornwall House outdoor pool.

To find out more about the new developments – including pricing and how to apply – please go to the Accommodation webpages.

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