Welcome to Freshers 2020!

The leaves are starting to change and Autumn is well on its way. Term will be starting shortly and many of you will be arriving over the next week.  We want to wish you a big welcome to all of our Freshers! We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the University of Exeter.

Arrival information

Your arrival slot is for 1 hour between 10am-6pm. This includes arriving, unloading outside of your residence and then leaving. Traffic marshals will be around to direct you where to go.

Only you and one other member of your household can assist in moving belongings into your bedroom/flat. Anyone else travelling with you will not be permitted into the building unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If you plan to bring a vehicle to unload, you need to arrive, unload your belongings and remove the vehicle from the residence parking area within that hour. Once you have unloaded your belongings, you will not be able to return with a vehicle to unload within the residence area at any other time during the arrivals period (10 September to 20 September). This will allow others to arrive safely in a social distance manner before the start of the academic year.

Arriving at an alternative time

If you wish to arrive earlier or later than your booked arrival slot, or have been delayed by traffic, then please see the information below about what to do:

Arrive on the half hour between 10:00am or after 6:00pm and speak to one of the staff/parking Attendants available on the day. They will be able to advise you when a space will be free in order for you to park and move in to your accommodation.

Please aim to arrive at either 15 minutes past the hour or 15 minutes to the hour to ease the flow of people arriving at the same time. Priority will be given to students who have used our on-line booking system and have a pre-booked slot so you may be asked to wait in another location until there is a space for you unload at your residence. Please do not try to book another arrival time on our system if this is the case.

Bringing a different vehicle?

If you are bringing a different vehicle or have entered the registration number incorrectly then please do not worry. Simply write your new registration on your parking permit and place this in your car window upon your arrival.

Freshers Week

The Students Guild have been working hard to provide a variety of covid-safe events for Freshers 2020. Take a look at their website for information about what’s going on over the next couple of weeks.

The residence life team also have a variety of online events prepared that you may wish to check out!

Get in touch with the Accommodation Office

If you have any queries and need to contact the Accommodation Office then we are available between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. You can contact us via email (Sid@exeter.ac.uk) Facebook or phone: 0300 555 0444.

Thank you for reading our last summer blog. We will be now be posting a blog for our current students every Thursday at 11:00am for you. We hope that you settle in well over the coming weeks!

Accommodation Shannon

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