Guest Blog – Applying for Accommodation at Exeter

Hello everyone! This week we have a guest blog post written by Rebecca, who is now finishing her 2nd year of studies but who lived in St German’s during her first year at Exeter. Rebecca is sharing her experience of applying for accommodation.

“Getting your university accommodation sorted is the exciting beginning of every student’s university journey. There is lots to consider when making your application to ensure the accommodation you select is suited to your needs and circumstances. I have fond memories of my time living in university accommodation and will outline my journey to help uncover this exciting opening chapter in a student’s life.

It’s great to look back on where my journey with the University of Exeter began. I was full of anticipation and excitement when looking over the many options available to me. It might seem overwhelming at first, but you will find there is lots of information available to you to help you make an informed choice.

When applying, I made sure to consider what was important to me. I knew I wanted self-catered accommodation so that I could improve on my cooking and develop my independence. I also knew I wanted to live on campus and close to the Forum. Importantly, I had to consider my budget and the length of the contract. As I moved from London and didn’t have a car, I knew I would benefit from having my stuff in one place during the academic year. Facilities are also important, and I knew I preferred a residence which offered ensuite rooms. During my application, I had the opportunity to input certain requests, such as a gender specific, floor level, and accessible, quiet, alcohol free or kosher flat.

I browsed the accommodation website and had a look at the detailed information and images of each residence. I found the virtual tours particularly helpful for visualising my new potential home! I was then ready to rank my residence preferences and felt assured that I would have a great experience wherever I was placed.

I logged into my accommodation account to check the process of my application and then received confirmation that I was fortunate and had been offered my first choice – St Germans. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to move in!

The day finally came. I made my way to the campus and was guided by the helpful members of staff on where to collect my keys. I then made my way to my room for the first time! I had planned how I would decorate and couldn’t wait to pin photos on the massive corkboard. I made my way to the shared kitchen and living area and met my new flatmates. They were all lovely and friendly and made me feel completely at ease. They were from different places and studied different courses, but we still had lots in common. Throughout the year we remained close. I’m even moving in with them again next year. Moving out of home for the first time was a thrilling experience and a wonderful opportunity for self-growth.”

Thanks so much for sharing your accommodation journey with us Rebecca. If you have any accommodation topics you would like us to focus on in future blogs, please drop us a message on our Facebook page:

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