People involved with the study

The project brings together an exciting range of disciplinary perspectives:


Dr Emma Pitchforth, is a Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow in Primary Care the University of Exeter Medical School. She brings a background in public health, global health and health policy and services research. @EPitchforth

Dr Elta Smith, is Associate Director of the Innovation, Health and Science Group at RAND Europe. She is an expert in the use of social research to provide evidence for policy-making and led on the evaluation of the EU AMR Action Plan. She brings additional expertise in environmental science, food policy and animal health.

Dr Tim Rayner, Research Fellow in the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, is an expert in climate change politics and policy, particularly in EU and UK contexts. He also brings experience of researching the role of expert advice at the science-policy interface.

Core research team

Jirka Tayloris a Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation. He works predominately in the area of home affairs and social policy. He has co-authored reports on the global costs of AMR and will work on the comparative study of climate change as a policy issue within this study.

Ioana GhigaAnalyst, RAND Europe brings particular expertise in global health including in areas such as global health governance and AMR. Additionally she is trained in pharmacy, international relations and European Studies.

Dr Camilla d’AngeloAnalyst, RAND Europe brings a background in experimental psychology and pharmacology and research expertise in the fields of innovation, health and science policy.

Anna KnackResearch Assistant, RAND Europe works in the area of innovation, health and science and is interested in the use of futures methodologies to support policy and decision making.

Expert Advisers

Professor Christoph GradmannProfessor in History of Medicine, University of Oslo. His research focuses on the history of infectious diseases in modernity (19th ct to present) with a recent emphasis on the history of global health and the contemporary history of multi drug resistance tuberculosis.

Professor Virginia Berridge, Professor of History at the Centre for History of Public Health, LSHTM, is a social historian and leading expert in changes in post World War Two public health policy. Topics within this include smoking policy, drug policy (illicit) and alcohol policy as well as the relationship between evidence and policy.