Stoic philosophical therapy and its modern uses workshop


A workshop on ‘Stoic philosophical therapy and its modern uses’ was held at the University of Exeter on Oct 5-6 2012.

The aim was to bring together scholars and practitioners to develop ways to draw on insights from Stoic philosophy to enhance modern practice and concerns. The participants included psychotherapists Gill Garratt, Alexandra Hart, Tim LeBon, Donald Robertson, Jenny Wilks, writer on practical philosophy Jules Evans, Exeter scholars in Classics and Ancient History, Philosophy and Theology including Chris Gill, Patrick Ussher and John Wilkins, and John Sellars (Stoicism expert from Birkbeck College London).

There were some very stimulating exchanges and presentations and a very positive atmosphere, with many ideas for taking this forward the dialogue between Stoicism and the modern age. A dedicated blog has been set up to help this process, which contains a full report on the workshop and a video record of the event. Visit the Stoic blog here.

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