Posted by on 17 April 2019

Jordanna Broom, Engineering Apprentice, Mechanical Workshop

How did you find out about apprenticeships? Your school? A family member?

I found out about apprenticeships through my college, when companies came in to hold talks and to inform us all about what they involve. During this time apprenticeships were becoming a big thing as a way to train and work at the same time.

How did you decide to become an apprentice?

I decided on an apprenticeship because of the many opportunities that could occur from doing one. For instance, the fact that I could continue my studies to a higher level, have a job, learning whilst learning which I did an NVQ for, to get practical experience and not having to move away from home. It seemed like a great opportunity to go for with all these benefits.

What was the apprenticeship application/recruitment process like?

When I was studying my level 3 engineering BTEC at college, a few people for the university popped in to talk about the apprenticeship opportunities that were going to be put out. A few weeks later on the website, the vacancies were posted so I went and applied. A few weeks later I got asked to go for an interview, the process involved a tour, meeting current staff, trade tests and the main interview. This was a little nerve-racking but ended up going quite well compared to what I expected it to be like. From this, I and a few others from my class who also applied got the roles on offer.

What is a typical workday like for you?

For me, there is never a typical day as all the jobs we produce are for research so it’s all bespoke and always changing. Having various types of machinery also provides us with many ways to manufacture what is needed. Producing parts for all departments in the university gives us an even bigger range of materials used, sizes and requests.

What are you responsible for at work?

Going through the whole process of the job from consultation, drawings, ordering, manufacturing and assembly. Doing this ensures that we have all the information needed to do the job most efficiently and to give us a lot of various skills. As well as helping out other technicians as some jobs require multiple inputs.

What is the best thing about being an apprentice?

Being able to learn a variety of skills. Having the best of being able to learn all the theory behind things, having the practical aspect to fully understand how it all works and having mentors from various backgrounds that can teach you all the skills and tips they’ve picked up along the way.

What would you advise someone considering an apprenticeship?

Think of what you really want to do in the future, that is a great start to knowing what to look for and what options you have. An apprenticeship gives you a wide variety of things to do and learn depending on your job, if you are a practical learner then this is definitely a great recommendation for you as you learn on the job.

I found it a great way to develop not just my career options but also myself. I can definitely say it has given me the skills and confidence needed for my future aspirations.

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