Roe Deer Butchery: Experimental Archaeology MA lesson

As part of the Experimental Archaeology masters course students have the opportunity to skin and butcher the carcass of a Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus) using stone tools. Here are some images of the process – a full description of the butchery (including videos!) can be found HERE

***WARNING: Images of Deer Butchery below***


Skinning the carcass, starting from the hind leg and moving downwards to the neck.


The removed hide and the skin-free carcass.


Some meaty elements are removed and the carcass is separated into more manageable portions for further butchery indoors.

Sinews from the vertebral column are removed (left), and the forelimb (top right) and hindlimb (bottom right) are butchered.

Written by Emily Johnson.

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