This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


About the Project

Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum – a JISC-funded Learning and Teaching Innovation Project at the University of Exeter

The project is built around the innovative and creative use of Augmented Reality.  (For a brief, and non-technical introduction to this technology, our blog post ‘What is augmented reality?‘ might be useful)

The main campus of the University of Exeter is built on a country estate overlooking the city and surrounding countryside.  The campus includes a variety of distinctive habitats and is rich in biodiversity.  Students and grounds staff have regularly collected data through their programmes of study and conservation activities but this information and knowledge has hitherto remained hidden from the wider community.

The project will enable the campus to function as a ‘living laboratory’ and reveal a dynamic landscape of flora and fauna at any time of day or season to a variety of audiences who wish to interact with this unique location. Using Augmented Reality, the campus will be transformed into an accessible learning resource to support the formal and informal curriculum. Scientific data will be presented in a creative way to interpret the living landscape and promote engagement with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Visitors to the campus equipped with suitable smartphones/tablet devices will be able to trigger information presented as rich visual and audio media as they explore a variety of habitats and areas of particular interest.  This location-specific information appears as an overlay superimposed on a viewing screen fed by the smartphone’s built in camera.

Team Staff:

Elisabeth Dunne
Matthew Newcombe
Stephen Rose
Dale Potter

The team are liaising closely with staff and students from the Biosciences department at the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, as well as technical developers from the Web Innovation Project.