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Tweet Me Happy!

Over the past few days we’ve been impressed and overwhelmed by the level of interest, enthuasium and imagination that the project has generated, particularly through the social media site Twitter.

Since the beginning of the week, the project has been the subject of many tweets and retweets, with contributions from some key thinkers within our technology sector.  This has included many key thinkers within the augmented reality industry, including Claire Boonstra, the co-founder of the Layar augmented reality platform itself.  Many, many thanks to you all!

Indeed further research has revealed that this project blog has been recommended to over 18,000 followers through twitter this week.  Following this, we also noticed a Dutch blog post linking our project to the potential for the technology in schools.   Below are some sample tweets, with a full list also available.

Just a few of the tweets we received this week

Just a sample of the tweets we received this week!

Recognising the power of social media as a means to aid developing links within both the educational community and the wider augmented reality industry, we have created a twitter feed to join our project YouTube channel.  Please do follow us for the latest project updates: @uoebiodiversity.

We anticipate this will be a great platform to share experiences with technology and the pedagogy, as well as to disseminate our project outcomes and the augmented reality toolkit that we are developing.

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