This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Campus Habitats Identified

With valuable feedback and technical insights gained from the successful pre-pilot test activities of recent weeks, project work will now be focussed towards  building an educational resource and investigating concepts of habitat interaction.

Seven significant habitats across the University’s campus have been identified, covering a variety of biotic and abiotic characteristics. ¬† These areas range from natural woodland, areas of heavy non-native planting, standing water as well as areas of grassland/meadows.

Whilst species data for some habitats is rich, especially concerning habitat F (which has been the focus of pre-pilot work with students from the College of Life and Environmental Sciences), less is known about some of the other areas.

Data collection, as well as collation from existing sources, has already begun with further testing on a pilot application covering all seven habitat areas expected in the coming months.

Habitats to be Showcased using Augmented Reality

Habitats to be Showcased using Augmented Reality

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