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Dissemination Showreel Film in Editing

We’ve just finished shooting for our short show-reel film.  We anticipate this will be of value as a dissemination tool at our many forthcoming conferences and public events.

This 2-3 minute film will give an overall feel of how we have used Augmented Reality so far – we’ll be featuring a demonstration of the functions of our interim AR app, and focusing upon two species.

One particular challenge whilst filming, was capturing a good quality screencast from a Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 2.2.  There are some applications available for this purpose, however most require root access to the device (which wasn’t available in our case as we value the manufacturers warranty on the device!).

The Shoot Me app offers non-root screencasts, albeit at a low resolution and frame rate.   After evaluating the footage generated through this – and in true Blue Peter style – we created a bespoke tablet filming rig involving a cardboard box which has provided some good quality footage.  Look out for our final edit in the coming days!

In the meantime, here some shots from the film shoot to wet your appetites…

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