This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Announcing our Augmented Reality Toolkit Event…

(FREE EVENT!)   JISC Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant 2010-2011  ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum’:  An Augmented Reality Toolkit for  Discovery-based Learning  A practical workshop designed to provide hands on experience of developing exciting interactive educational experiences on Smartphones and the latest Tablet PCs using Augmented Reality.  ‘Augmented Reality’ is changing the way we view the world.  A new generation of mobile phones and Tablets are able to run software  applications (‘apps’) which present the user with informative graphics and 3D objects superimposed onto camera-views of the real world. The workshop you will give you:  An insight into how Augmented Reality can be used to create engaging learning opportunities across a range of teaching practice and subject-related contexts.  A chance to experience Augmented Reality on a range of mobile devices and see for yourselves how this exciting technology has been applied to reveal the rich biodiversity of the University of Exeter’s beautiful campus.  The opportunity to explore an Augmented Reality Toolkit which will enable you to create your own Educational resources using Smartphones and Tablets.  University of Exeter Monday 16th May 2011 10.00 – 15.30  Bookings Available Online:  Got a smartphone or tablet?  Bring it along to take part in the action! (A selection of devices will also be provided)  Please note: This workshop features activities in the campus grounds which includes walking over rough terrain - suitable footwear is strongly advised. Owing to its listed building status, we regret that the workshop venue does not currently have lift access and is not therefore suitable for wheelchair users. [Bookings have now closed for this event]

Participants should have received programme and joining instructions by email.
Contact Steve Rose for more information.

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