Successful Conference Presentations

Recent conference events have provided many dissemination opportunities.  We have presented at several events, including the International Blended Learning Conference, SOLSTICE, as well as various national JISC events. We have been both encouraged and heartened with the warmth and enthusiasm shown by delegates towards the possibilities offered by this infant and emerging technology.  Our presentations have  featured a great […]

Successful Toolkit Day

On Monday, we invited ~25 participants to our workshop: ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: An Augmented Reality Toolkit for Discovery-based Learning‘. The workshop was a hands-on practical day – both touring the campus to showcasing our work demonstrating biodiversity data, as well as demonstrating the ease of AR creation when using a content management system. Participants […]

Times Higher Education Awards: Shortlisted Nominee

We are delighted to announce that our project has been short-listed amongst the nominations for the Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Awards within the ICT Initiative of the Year category.   This is a joint bid with the University’s Web Innovation Project, following their work with campus geo-location and an augmented reality navigational application. […]

Announcing our Augmented Reality Toolkit Event…

[Bookings have now closed for this event] Participants should have received programme and joining instructions by email. Contact Steve Rose for more information.

Dissemination Showreel Film in Editing

We’ve just finished shooting for our short show-reel film.  We anticipate this will be of value as a dissemination tool at our many forthcoming conferences and public events. This 2-3 minute film will give an overall feel of how we have used Augmented Reality so far – we’ll be featuring a demonstration of the functions of our […]

Campus Habitats Identified

With valuable feedback and technical insights gained from the successful pre-pilot test activities of recent weeks, project work will now be focussed towards  building an educational resource and investigating concepts of habitat interaction. Seven significant habitats across the University’s campus have been identified, covering a variety of biotic and abiotic characteristics.   These areas range […]

Building on Expertise from the Web Innovation Project

On Friday, project staff had a met with developers from the University of Exeter’s Web Innovation Project (WIP) to further share experiences of web and mobile technologies including augmented reality and geolocation. Meeting WIP project staff, such as Darren Davies and Rich Osborne, is always an inspiration as they are immersed and incredibly knowledgeable of their field, offering many technological […]

Tweet Me Happy!

Over the past few days we’ve been impressed and overwhelmed by the level of interest, enthuasium and imagination that the project has generated, particularly through the social media site Twitter. Since the beginning of the week, the project has been the subject of many tweets and retweets, with contributions from some key thinkers within our technology sector.  This has included many […]

15 Students Involved in Pre-Pilot Testing

Over the past 10 days we have begun testing our pre-pilot biodiversity application on-site, gaining some valuable feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement. The UoE Biodiversity dataset (not currently availble publicly) within Layar has been accessed by around 15 students from various academic disciplines using a variety of their own hardware devices – including the […]

Access Pathways

With a pre-pilot underway showcasing the range of data collected by project students, we are beginning to conceptualise how data can be both accessed and presented in the best educational and pedagogic contexts. For the former, we anticipate two main entry points into the biodiversity data.  The first, and most concerned with this project, is […]