This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Successful Toolkit Day

On Monday, we invited ~25 participants to our workshop: ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: An Augmented Reality Toolkit for Discovery-based Learning‘. The workshop was a hands-on practical day – both touring the campus to showcasing our work demonstrating biodiversity data, as well as demonstrating the ease of AR creation when using a content management system. Participants […]

Dissemination Showreel Film in Editing

We’ve just finished shooting for our short show-reel film.  We anticipate this will be of value as a dissemination tool at our many forthcoming conferences and public events. This 2-3 minute film will give an overall feel of how we have used Augmented Reality so far – we’ll be featuring a demonstration of the functions of our […]

Campus Habitats Identified

With valuable feedback and technical insights gained from the successful pre-pilot test activities of recent weeks, project work will now be focussed towards  building an educational resource and investigating concepts of habitat interaction. Seven significant habitats across the University’s campus have been identified, covering a variety of biotic and abiotic characteristics.   These areas range […]

Ice Around…

In conceptualising the Augmented Reality application, one recurrent theme was to feature data surround the habitats that might not be immediately viable to students/visitors during their visit.  Along with time-lapse and night-vision multimedia content, it was suggested that photos of the campus under different seasons and weather conditions could be included and geo-referenced.  The recent spell of […]

Student Projects

We are working with two final-year students from the department of BioSciences, who have elected to undertake a dissertation style project around the theme of collecting, communicating and interpreting biological data.  They will be providing data to the AR project as well as advancing development through their ideas on content and educational interface design. Initial meetings have […]