This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Successful Toolkit Day

On Monday, we invited ~25 participants to our workshop: ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: An Augmented Reality Toolkit for Discovery-based Learning‘. The workshop was a hands-on practical day – both touring the campus to showcasing our work demonstrating biodiversity data, as well as demonstrating the ease of AR creation when using a content management system. Participants […]

Building on Expertise from the Web Innovation Project

On Friday, project staff had a met with developers from the University of Exeter’s Web Innovation Project (WIP) to further share experiences of web and mobile technologies including augmented reality and geolocation. Meeting WIP project staff, such as Darren Davies and Rich Osborne, is always an inspiration as they are immersed and incredibly knowledgeable of their field, offering many technological […]

Application Resources

The project has begun to create a pilot system using the Layar augmented reality browser.  This system will feature a test set of approximately 30 points of interest (POIs), which have been collated by two students in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences who are assisting the project as part of their final-year dissertation assignments.  To […]

AR for all

This week we have been looking at how a diverse user-base can get into Augmented Reality using Layar and associated tools. We are impressed by the user-friendliness of  ‘Hoppala Augmentation’ ( Hoppala Augmentation provides an easy way for non-technical creatives to start experimenting with augmented reality and Layar.  Our trials with the system have shown […]