This project is funded by JISC under the Learning & Teaching Innovation Grant Programme.


Successful Toolkit Day

On Monday, we invited ~25 participants to our workshop: ‘Unlocking the Hidden Curriculum: An Augmented Reality Toolkit for Discovery-based Learning‘. The workshop was a hands-on practical day – both touring the campus to showcasing our work demonstrating biodiversity data, as well as demonstrating the ease of AR creation when using a content management system. Participants […]

15 Students Involved in Pre-Pilot Testing

Over the past 10 days we have begun testing our pre-pilot biodiversity application on-site, gaining some valuable feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement. The UoE Biodiversity dataset (not currently availble publicly) within Layar has been accessed by around 15 students from various academic disciplines using a variety of their own hardware devices – including the […]

Pilot AR System in Testing

We are now testing a pilot AR system, working on the Layar platform.  The following screenshots show an early user-interface for the AR applications itself. In its current inception, buttons offer links to more information on specific species as well as campus specific data (both collated by project students from the College of Life and Environmental Sciences) […]