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The Exeter Imaging Network will meet on the 25th of April

The Exeter Imaging Network will hold a new meeting on the 25th of April 2016, in the Matrix Lecture Theatre – Building One (Streatham campus). The event will start at 1.25pm and will allow the registered public to attend four talks about label-free imaging. A poster session is also scheduled.

The Exeter Imaging Network was created in 2011 to bring scientists from Exeter together: physicists, biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians and more are participating in this forum that allows the rise of collaborations and the sharing of problems and solutions in image acquisition and analysis.

In February 2016, Dr George Littlejohn organised the previous meeting on “Quantitative and Super-resolution Imaging”. Dr Mike White (University of Manchester) shared his expertise on quantitative imaging, allowing him a better understanding of the NF-kB signalling in mammalian cells. Later on, Dr Susan Cox (King’s College London) presented her work on Bayesian Blinking and Bleaching analysis of data from super-resolution microscopy. Finally, Dr Christian Soeller (University of Exeter) introduced us to the use of super resolution microscopy to understand the fundamental processes of signalling and physiology of cardiomyocytes. Shorter lightning talks were also scheduled and covered a broad range of subjects related to image acquisition and analysis.

The next Exeter Imaging Network meeting is scheduled for the 25th of April 2016 in the Matrix Lecture Theatre – Building One on Streatham Campus. The focus of this meeting will be label-free imaging, allowing four main talks: Prof. Martin J. Booth (University of Oxford) will share about “adaptative optics for microscopy and nanoscopy”, Richard Kasprowicz (Phase focus company) will enlighten us about “ptychography for quantitative label-free live cell imaging”, Dr Chris Dunsby (Imperial College London) will focus on the “Multidimensional fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging of tissue autofluorescence” and, finally, Prof. Nick Stone (University of Exeter) is scheduled to tall about the “advances in vibrational spectroscopy and imaging for biomedical applications” to close this event.

Attendees can register by email to Alba Paniagua at amp220@exeter.ac.uk . They will be offered the opportunity to present their own work in a poster session.

Cyrielle Tonneau.

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