Plant Sale – Friday 5th May 2023, 11am to 2pm

The Grounds Team are selling vegetable plants, flowering plants and large houseplants at a pop-up shop on Friday 5th May from 11am to 2pm in The Forum Street on Streatham Campus

The vegetable plants have been propagated and grown in the Grounds nursery and include cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, chillies, aubergines and squash.

The flowering plants include Sunflowers and Eccremocarpus scaber.

Prices for the vegetable and flowering plants range from £3.50 to £5.00.

The houseplants include large versions of Crassula ovata and Dracaena and prices range from £15 to £50.

Please do come along; we would love to see you!

Vegetable plant for sale – Cucumber ‘Marketmore’

Vegetable plant for sale – Tomato ‘Roma’

Vegetable plant for sale – Tomato ‘Bottondoro’

Vegetable plant for sale – Sweet Pepper ‘Beja’

Vegetable plant for sale – Chilli ‘Gusto Green’

Vegetable plant for sale – Aubergine ‘Pinstripe’

Vegetable plant for sale – Squash ‘Uchiki Kuri’

Flowering plant for sale – Sunflower ‘Procut Plum’

Flowering plant for sale – Eccremocarp0us scaber (a tropical looking non-hardy climber)

Houseplant for sale – Dracaena

Houseplant for sale – Crassula ovata

Buy a mature rose plant and help hedgehogs!

Beautiful rose plants for sale!

Some rose plants have been removed from the grounds in readiness for the new Multifaith Centre building, but the good news is that they’re available for you to buy!

Purchase a voucher at the Forum Marketplace shop – £4.50 per rose plant – and then exchange it for a rose bare-root plant at the Grounds Nursery, Estate Services Centre, Off Clydesdale Avenue, EX4 4QX. Once you’ve made your purchase, simply email Jess Evans to arrange a collection date and time.

And the best part? All proceeds will go towards supporting the British Hedgehog Preservation Society! Help us to support a great cause and add some beauty to your garden at the same time!

Exciting News!

Exciting news! We are delighted to announce that plants from the University Grounds Team horticulturists are now being sold in the Forum’s Marketplace shop.

If you are looking to add some greenery to your life, our collection of plants has got you covered! From small succulents to towering Mother in Law’s Tongue, we’ve got plants in all shapes and sizes to suit any space. Whether you’re an experienced plant parent or just starting out, our range of plants is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their home or office. With a variety of species to choose from, you can find a wonderful plant to fit your unique style.

Want information on how to care for your plant and keep it in good health? Just click on the QR code! (QR code is also on the sign in the shop).

Did you know that plants have been shown to have numerous health benefits? They reduce stress levels, boost productivity and some plants can purify the air! So not only will you be adding a beautiful aesthetic to your space, but you’ll also be improving your overall wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of plants today and bring a little bit of nature into your life. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Plant Sale – Tuesday 11th February 2020

The Grounds Team will be selling a mixture of indoor and outdoor plants from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday 11th February 2020 in Cross Keys on St Luke’s Campus.

Do come along and treat yourself to a fabulous new plant!





Christmas Plant Sale – Tuesday 17th December 2019

The Grounds Team will be selling beautiful handmade Christmas wreaths, Poinsettias and a mixture of indoor and outdoor plants in The Forum Street from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday 17th December 2019.

Please do come along; it’s a great opportunity to buy some Christmas presents, add a Christmas wreath to your festive decorations and also to treat yourself!

Rustic Christmas Wreath

Traditional Christmas Wreath