Azara microphylla in flower and it smells divine!

This Azara microphylla, located halfway down Poole Gate on Streatham Campus exact location, is currently in flower and the tiny yellow vanilla scented flowers smell divine!

Do go and enjoy the wonderfully scented flowers for yourself, but don’t take too long as it will only be in flower for a couple of weeks.

Azara is a semi-evergreen shrub from South America and we hold a National Collection of Azara on our Streatham Campus and St Luke’s Campus. Further information on our National Collection can be found on our Grounds webpages.


National Collection of Azara

The University holds the Plant Heritage National Collection of Azara, which is a genus of small trees and shrubs, originating from South America.  Examples can be seen at Streatham and St Luke’s, taking advantage of various micro-climates around the campuses. For more information and links, please see our website.

As part of our ongoing conservation work, we keep up to date samples of the Azara.  Laura has recently been out preparing leaf samples.


Horticultural Highlights

We are in the process of putting together a map detailing the points of horticultural interest on both Streatham and St. Luke’s Campuses.  The Streatham map is nearing completion and as part of the process our gardener/photo-whiz Emily has been out taking some beautiful photos of the Streatham Campus.


The Plantation

Old Botanic Garden – Poole Gate



Edinburgh Wild Conifer Collection

Edinburgh Wild Conifer Collection

Azara Microphylla

If you just can’t wait for the Horticultural Highlights map, and would like to visit Streatham Campus now, please see our website for a map detailing horticultural points of interest here.