Tree Timeline

Members of the Campus Services team have created this beautiful timeline.  It is made from a section of the leaning Monterey Pine that stood at the top of the steps by Reed’s formal Italianate Garden.  The timeline now stands where the tree once stood.  The labels show when Reed Hall Gardens were laid out in the 1860s, when Reed was donated to the University in 1920 and when the University received its Royal Charter.Tree timeline Jun 16

Pond dipping at Reed Pond

We were very excited to hear the results of the pond dipping, arranged by Dr Clive Betts – Learning and Development Manager and expert entomologist!  He said:

Highlights include two huge cased caddises (and a number of smaller ones), some mature mayfly nymphs of three or more species, loads of copepods and daphnia, some large damselfly nymphs, a nymph of the red-darter dragonfly, a huge ramshorn snail, some lovely leeches (but not too many!), and Norman the Palmate Newt! The other headline is the massive decline in the previously dominant detritivore amphipods and isopods, a positive sign that the excessive allochthonous input prior to the pond works is under control… goes to show that a bit of well-judged management goes a long way.


Norman the Newt

Norman the Newt

Intrepid pond dippers

Intrepid pond dippers

Diamond Jubilee International Garden open

After months of hard work by volunteers, Grounds team and other University staff the Diamond Jubilee International Garden has now had its formal opening event.  Tucked behind Reed Hall, it is an area designated to celebrate the international nature of the University.

The event was well attended, although a little damp!

Launch event - Grounds Team

L-R: Brian, Peter, Phil Attwell (Director of Campus Services), Sam, Emily and Nathan from the Grounds Team.

Launch event - Iain topping out

Iain Park – Director of Grounds gets his hands dirty

Launch event - Iain, Phil and Mike Shore-Nye

L-R: Phil Attwell (Director of Campus Services, Iain Park (Director of Grounds, Mike Shore-Nye (Registrar)

Launch event - International Garden 2 Launch event - International Garden

Gardening gadgets

Welcome to the Grounds Team, our latest gadget – a remote controlled mower which will enable us to safely mow banks and reduce our gardeners exposure to Hand Arm Vibration hazards – the Irus Quatrak!

It has been tested out this week and is equally at home cutting our lawns and cutting brambles in the Taddiforde Valley.

Irus Quatrak 2

Apparently it’s quite good fun too, don’t they all look happy! L-R: Irus Quatrak, David, Colin, Nathan, Terry and Clive

Irus Quatrak 3

Lawn cutting action

Irus Quatrak 1

Rugged bramble cutting action

Grounds Arborists at Work

The Grounds arborists have been hard at work felling and clearing the iconic leaning Monterey pine that had become unstable following Storm Imogen last weekend and had to be felled for safety reasons.


Leaning Monterey pine before felling work commences


One of our arborists, Nathan, completing the site specific risk assessment




Timber again!



Reviewing the risk assessment to safely dismantle and clear the tree



Point of original cut to fell the tree


Another angle; point of original cut to fell the tree



Contemplating the new landscape


Agreeing the next chainsaw cut

Photos taken by Emily.

Update – Footpath and Tree Works

Following clearance of the fallen Monterey pine (Pinus radiata), the Reed footpath leading down from the bus stop has re-opened. We will be recycling the timber from the tree to create a seat and table on campus.

The iconic leaning tree was damaged in Storm Imogen last weekend. It was brought over from California in the 1830s and is thought to be one of the original plantings in the UK.


Leaning Monterey Pine


Update – Footpaths & Tree Works

The ‘long steps’ footpath from Stocker Road to Reed Hall has been re-opened as the fallen Cupressus macrocarpa has been attended to and the path is now clear.

image (12)

Fallen Cupressus macrocarpa

The footpath from the bus stop at Stocker Road to Reed Hall remains closed to allow the Grounds arborists to undertake works to remove the uprooted leaning Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata).