Bug Hotels Expert Input – BBC Bitesize Article

We are very proud that one of our Gardeners, Colin Brown, has shared his expert knowledge of bug hotels with the BBC which has been included in the BBC BITESIZE article “Four hacks to help our hibernating animal friends this autumn”.

Full article can be read at http://bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z4dq6rd

Well done Colin!


Gardening gadgets

Welcome to the Grounds Team, our latest gadget – a remote controlled mower which will enable us to safely mow banks and reduce our gardeners exposure to Hand Arm Vibration hazards – the Irus Quatrak!

It has been tested out this week and is equally at home cutting our lawns and cutting brambles in the Taddiforde Valley.

Irus Quatrak 2

Apparently it’s quite good fun too, don’t they all look happy! L-R: Irus Quatrak, David, Colin, Nathan, Terry and Clive

Irus Quatrak 3

Lawn cutting action

Irus Quatrak 1

Rugged bramble cutting action

Grounds Arborists at Work

The Grounds arborists have been hard at work felling and clearing the iconic leaning Monterey pine that had become unstable following Storm Imogen last weekend and had to be felled for safety reasons.


Leaning Monterey pine before felling work commences


One of our arborists, Nathan, completing the site specific risk assessment




Timber again!



Reviewing the risk assessment to safely dismantle and clear the tree



Point of original cut to fell the tree


Another angle; point of original cut to fell the tree



Contemplating the new landscape


Agreeing the next chainsaw cut

Photos taken by Emily.

Update – Footpaths & Tree Works

The ‘long steps’ footpath from Stocker Road to Reed Hall has been re-opened as the fallen Cupressus macrocarpa has been attended to and the path is now clear.

image (12)

Fallen Cupressus macrocarpa

The footpath from the bus stop at Stocker Road to Reed Hall remains closed to allow the Grounds arborists to undertake works to remove the uprooted leaning Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata).

Green Flag 2015-16

As mentioned in previous posts, we have retained our Green Flags at both St. Luke’s and Streatham Campuses.  We have now had our flag raising ceremony at Streatham Campus, we were not able to have a similar ceremony at St. Luke’s due to building work going on near the flagpole.  We were, however, able to have photos taken in the beautiful staff garden at St. Luke’s and the sun even tried to shine for us a bit.

St. Luke's

St. Luke’s

Outer Areas, Spreytonway and Central Estate Teams

Outer Areas, Spreytonway and Central Estate Teams

Kate raises the Green Flag (this was take two, after we had turned the flag the right way around - oops!)

Kate raises the Green Flag (this was take two, after we had turned the flag the right way around – oops!)

Green Flag Certificate 15 St Lukes Green Flag Certificate 15 Streatham