Update – Improvements Works to Hoopern Waterways

We are happy to confirm that the improvement works have started on the top pond and leat at the Hoopern Waterways. The works, funded through donation, aim to improve water quality and biodiversity of the pond network including:

  • Silt removal and control
  • Vegetation control
  • Planting marginal and water plants
  • Improving water flow and aeration

Information Please – Criminal Damage Hoopern Valley

Unfortunately we have had another incident of criminal damage to the fence along Hoopern Valley which we have reported to the Police. This is the sixth incident in two years.

The person(s) responsible for the damage is putting cyclists and walkers at risk, as the cut wire is left at an angle protruding dangerously onto the pathway until the University Grounds staff have been alerted and made safe.

Our plans to invest in improving the public right of way through the valley have to be delayed again, as we have to divert resources to repairing the fence.

If anyone has any information which may help the Police with their enquiries investigating this damage, we are happy to pass this via the .

Thank you.

Hoopern Valley 6

Hoopern Valley 5

Hoopern Valley 4


New life for diseased Cedar tree

Grounds staff have had to unfortunately remove the Cedar tree between Streatham Farm and Hatherly. The multi-stemmed Cedar had become damaged as a result of gales a few years ago, but quick action meant that the tree’s life was extended by adding some bracing between the remaining trunks.

However, in recent times the wound created became infected by a Fistulina or Beefsteak fungus which caused brown brittle rot to develop in the centre of the remaining trunks.

A further inspection using the Picus sonic decay device confirmed a large proportion of the tree’s heartwood had been damaged and the tree could suffer a brittle fracture. As this gave the tree a high hazard rating score, action had to be take to remove it.

When the tree was originally damaged a replacement Cedar was planted as a precaution and we will also be planting more than 30 young trees across our campuses during the current dormant season.

The Grounds arborists have made use of their planking saw and have converted some of the best wood from the Cedar tree to make three rustic seats. Also, this area will be re-landscaped in Spring 2017 to create a new space making the most of the view across Hoopern Valley.





Cedar between Streatham Farm & Hatherly Seats Created From Wood (felled November 2016) (1)

Cedar between Streatham Farm & Hatherly Seats Created From Wood (felled November 2016) (2)