Poinsettias for sale

The University of Exeter’s Grounds Nursery team have been busy growing a variety of Poinsettias in time for Christmas.

  1. Poinsettia Jubilee White
  2. Poinsettia Ice Crystal
  3. Poinsettia Cinnamon Viking

All priced at £3.50

If you would like to purchase a Poinsettia, they will be ready for collection from Monday 5th December.

Please either email  or ring her on 07825 317044.

poinsettia 1 poinsettia 2 poinsettia 3

Graduation 2015

The run up to Graduation Week is a very busy time for the Grounds Team, making sure that the campus is looking brilliant and that all the floral decorations are done for the Great Hall and other important areas around campus.

A lot of work was put in by our Spreytonway Team, improving the entrance to Stocker Road.

Bottom of Stocker Road (graduation)1 Bottom of Stocker Road (graduation)2

Our Central Estate and Nursery Team were responsible for creating and maintaining the floral decorations in the Great Hall, Northcote House, The Forum and other locations throughout the University.

Grad flowers 2015 Grad flowers 2015 2


Our nursery

The Grounds team have a nursery and green houses at the Estate Services Centre on campus.  In these we grow, amongst other things, a lot of the bedding plants we use at both Streatham and St. Luke’s.

Luke, Mandy, Emily, Sam, Kate and David have all been busy potting up 4000 seedlings!

Summer bedding plants

Summer bedding plants

The Grounds staff have also been planting out Sweet Peas.

Luke and Kate planting Sweet Peas

Luke and Kate planting Sweet Peas