Stormy Times but Tree-rific Arborists!

Unfortunately Storms Eunice and Franklin caused havoc on our grounds last week damaging trees on our campuses and on our off-campus sports grounds.

Our in-house arborists worked tirelessly around the clock on Friday and over the weekend to deal with the high priority fallen trees, branches and debris to keep us and our grounds safe. They will also be kept busy for the next few weeks checking trees and clearing tree branches and debris over our 378 acres of grounds.

We have a small team of three arborists who do a fantastic job managing and safeguarding the 10,000 trees on our campuses and our off-campus residences and sports grounds.

Their dedication, hard work, knowledge and skilled expertise keeps everyone safe on campus and allows us to enjoy and benefit from the many different species of trees. We would like to thank them and let them know that they are our arb heroes!


Paths closed at Streatham

The Grounds Team have had to close a couple of paths on Streatham Campus in the interests of public safety.

The first is the pathway between the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Family Centre where a branch is hanging from a pine tree.  We are waiting for the wind to drop so we can safely remove the limb.

We have also closed the pathway between Queens and the Forum, adjacent to Devonshire House where a large Eucalyptus tree with damage to a limb overhanging the footpath.

The cycle rack is in the danger area and if people have parked there I would suggest they leave their bike chained, as retrieval will entirely be at their own risk.

We expect the path to be closed for the rest of today (Thursday 13th November)

Thank you.