Information Please – Criminal Damage Hoopern Valley

Unfortunately we have had another incident of criminal damage to the fence along Hoopern Valley which we have reported to the Police. This is the sixth incident in two years.

The person(s) responsible for the damage is putting cyclists and walkers at risk, as the cut wire is left at an angle protruding dangerously onto the pathway until the University Grounds staff have been alerted and made safe.

Our plans to invest in improving the public right of way through the valley have to be delayed again, as we have to divert resources to repairing the fence.

If anyone has any information which may help the Police with their enquiries investigating this damage, we are happy to pass this via the .

Thank you.

Hoopern Valley 6

Hoopern Valley 5

Hoopern Valley 4


Stay classy, Duryard.

Broken bench DuryardJPG

This isn’t the best photo, it was taken early in the morning as our Grounds Team started work in Duryard.  Not only was there a lot of litter left on the ground and on the picnic bench, but a memorial bench for a student who died whilst undertaking a programme of study at the University has been badly damaged.

We have reported the damage to Property Services and the bench will be repaired.