Associate Advancement – An Alternative Grad Scheme

Olivia Cottrell is a Service Management Associate at Computacenter

Olivia Cottrell
Olivia Cottrell

I graduated with a BA in History from Exeter in 2014 and I took a gap year re-living my childhood at Walt Disney World working for Mickey Mouse. After this year of fun I took another look at the graduate market to see what I wanted to pursue as my career.

Like many students I felt I needed to secure myself on a graduate scheme where I could gain some training to help me on my career journey.  In the midst of my research I came across Computacenter. They might be one of the biggest computer companies in the UK, but I had never come across them. They were advertising a service management associate role, a customer facing role helping different customers with their IT infrastructure services. The Computacenter Associate Scheme is an 18 month program designed to develop and train you for sales or service management role at Computacenter. Plus, if you’ve just finished university they run graduate schemes as well. The scheme is made up of rotations to understand the different elements of Computacenter’s business.

So why did I apply to the associate scheme within the IT industry?

Originally, like many graduates, I was drawn to the companies I’d seen on campus. However, I knew I wanted to work with technology even though studying History meant I thought the Gothenburg printing press was high tech. The IT industry is a changing landscape and looks very different from 10 years ago, let alone 20 or 30 years ago (we can all be grateful our desktops are not as large as our desks). If you are looking for an exciting and varied industry look no further than IT.

There was also a great variety in the service management role, it’s interesting to see how different companies utilise technology. If you think about how you use technology in your everyday life, businesses and employee’s want to use these technologies in their workplaces. The new ‘digital’ generation and expects digital working environments.  At Computacenter we’re striving to help companies develop their ‘Digital Workplace’. Nearly all companies employ digital technology in their workplace; but, no two companies employ technology in the same way. The possibilities are endless.  If you’re looking for variety and an insight into different companies; a career in IT service management is for you.

Olivia and Computacenter colleagues
Olivia and Computacenter colleagues

So why did this associate graduate scheme appeal to me so much?

There are major benefits for joining a non-traditional graduate programme like Computacenter’s Associate scheme. The scheme has a smaller intake than most traditional graduate schemes. This translates into an excellent support network. The network is to help you make the most out of the scheme and your time on it. As a smaller group we have established some great friendships, I have only been on the scheme a few months but there’s a lot of people to go out and network with.  Plus, we all look great in Hi Vis jackets as well.

Secondly the timing; our associate scheme opens in June and closes in October. This means if you’re looking for a role after you have graduated, you don’t have to wait until next September to start.

Lastly, Computacenter invests a lot of time and resources into this scheme. With senior leaders coming to speak to us within our first week and being interviewed by the companies COE at the assessment day. I feel valued and encouraged to progress within the company. I feel more than just a number at Computacenter and they go above and beyond to support you.

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