Everyone’s Energy – a public engagement opportunity for researchers working in sustainable energy.

Is your research in the area of sustainable energy production? Would you be interested in developing your communication skills and engaging the public with your work?

Our friends in Graphic Science have developed an exciting event that enables community groups to grapple with the complex decisions associated with meeting our future energy needs and we need your help to run the sessions.

Graphic Science will train you and make sure you have everything you need for the sessions. It’s a great opportunity to develop some valuable skills and get involved with fun, interactive public engagement on a subject that really matters!

Your commitment:

  • Attend a one-day training session to learn everything you need to know
  • Be available to run one or more sessions in community groups in your area (this is likely to be in an evening meeting). You will be running the sessions in pairs.

How we support your involvement:

  • Give you a one-day training that enables you to run sessions with confidence
  • Give you all the materials and equipment you need to run the sessions
  • Liaise with community groups to organise the sessions
  • Reimburse your travel expenses
  • Offer on-going support

About us:

Graphic Science is a science communication consultancy based near Bristol that specialises in creating innovative and fun public engagement activities that create lively conversations on interesting issues between researchers and members of the public. This discussion event about how we should secure a sustainable electricity supply in the future has been funded through an Ingenious Grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

For further information, or to get involved contact Rebecca Hurwitz
; tel 01275 474444


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