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Postdoctoral research fellow: Mathematics of Tipping Points in Complex Dynamical Systems

Mathematics of Tipping Points in Complex Dynamical Systems

This post is available for 36 months from 2  September 2019.

Details and to apply: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BSM616/postdoctoral-research-fellow

Summary of the role/position
You will join the EU-funded H2020 project “Tipping Points of the Earth System” (TiPES) and undertake research into theoretical and applied aspects of tipping points and of relevance to complex multiscale systems such as the Earth system.

Several subsystems of the Earth may respond abruptly at critical future levels of anthropogenic forcing, which have been associated with tipping points (TPs). TiPES aims to identify safe operating spaces in terms of critical forcing levels. The TiPES project is a joint project involving 18 European institutions, combining paleoclimatology, time series analysis, Earth system modelling of past and future climates, applied mathematics and dynamical system theory, as well as decision theory.

You will participate in the development of mathematical theory to underpin safe operating space for the earth system in the presence of tipping points. You will primarily contribute to work package WP5 of the TiPES project, which addresses “The theoretical underpinning for safe operating spaces in the presence of TPs”. You will be expected to develop tools that are applicable to classify, predict, quantify and mitigate TPs, in collaboration with other work packages.

The post will be based within the Department of Mathematics and Research Centres related to theoretical and applied dynamical systems, climate modelling and strong links to interdisciplinary Research Institutes.

Conference in Dynamics, Number Theory and Geometry

There will be a half-day conference in dynamics, number theory, and geometry.

Venue:  University of Exeter

Date:  05 April 2019 (Friday) Afternoon.

The workshop is organized by Dr Jimmy Tseng (Exeter) and more details are on:


The dynamics of a piecewise isometry

Pedro Peres, a PhD student within the Centre, has recently produced a short YouTube video that illustrates some aspects of the dynamics of a piecewise isometry that he has been studying as part of his reseach. You can find more about his work on the mathematics of this system in https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.00245.



Visit of Prof Gerhard Keller

Gerhard Keller from Erlangen http://www.min.math.fau.de/staff/keller-gerhard/prof-dr-gerhard-keller/ visited for a few days at the end of September 2014 to give a seminar to the group. His visit was supported by an LMS visitor grant – thanks to the LMS!

Report from the 1st Systems Biomedicine Group Retreat

10 members of the Systems Biomedicine Group ventured out into Dartmoor, to the Two Bridges Hotel, for their first research retreat. During the first morning members took turn to receive updates from each other’s research teams. Then after lunch, PDRAs broke out, with leading Communications and Training expert John Oley, to focus on interview sills training, whilst PIs brain stormed ideas for new research grants and publications. An enjoyable dinner gave members the opportunity to get to know each other informally, before regrouping on Day 2. PDRAs focussed on communicating within multidisciplinary teams, whilst PIs built up outlines of grants, building on the discussions of day 1. After lunch, a short walk into Dartmoor followed by discussions on organising events associated with a recently awarded GW4 Building Communities award to Marc Goodfellow brought proceedings to a close.

First group retreat at the Two Bridges Hotel (from L to R) George Petkov, Helmut Schmidt, Rita Gupta, Ben Wareham, Jamie Walker, Ozgur Akman, Piotr Slowinski, Krasi Tsaneva-Atanasova, John Terry
First group retreat at the Two Bridges Hotel (from L to R) George Petkov, Helmut Schmidt, Rita Gupta, Ben Wareham, Jamie Walker, Ozgur Akman, Piotr Slowinski, Krasi Tsaneva-Atanasova, John Terry

Stefanie Zegowitz started postdoctoral position

Stefanie Zegowitz will be working with Ana Rodrigues. Her University homepage is http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/mathematics/staff/shz201.

European Dynamics Days 2015 to be hosted in Exeter

The international conference “European Dynamics Days 2015” will be held at the University of Exeter during September 7th-11th 2015. Local organisers are

The current homepage of the conference is http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/mathematics/research/csdc/dynamicsdays2015/


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