13. The Jubilee Stone, Constantine


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The block for the Jubilee Stone was identified from a stockpile at the non-operational Bosahan quarry, and upon its siting in the centre of the village by Tim Marsh, I proposed how the panels for the map and sign could be recessed and in what form the V-cut letters could be worked into the block. I was interested in working out in a public space, and keen to have discussions with people from the village as I worked.

Once the dusty and noisy work of cutting out the recesses for the panels was complete I set about carving the letters. I decided to do this by hand, and it did indeed provide an opportunity to work and talk. People seemed really interested in the letter cutting, a trade usually hidden from public view. I had to erect a temporary shelter for some of the days I worked there as it was persistently overcast and drizzling. The Jubilee boulder was eventually unveiled on 26th November 2013.




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