18. Tilted Matter and Rock Jam

Tilted Matter – 07-08/06/2012





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Tilted Matter was held on two consecutive nights, with the same programme running from 6:30 – 10:30 each night. Collaboratively, Natalia and I aimed to highlight the quarry spaces as a rich and socially dynamic. After Natalia led participants through Bosahan Quarry on an audio walk, a bus took everyone to Trenoweth. My aim was to test out a method of presenting the quarry through the spoken word. I had a series of texts that I read out at different points in the quarry as I led people around. I wanted the participants in the walk to feel bound up in the sounds and actions of the quarry, and to give them a sense of how I experienced the quarry as a site of research and a site of labour. The title ‘Tilted Matter’ referred to the ways in which the material qualities of the granite were constantly being moved around and witnessed from multiple perspectives according to personal and social histories.

Tilted Matter was an important milestone in the development of more-than-sculptural research practices. Aspects of Tilted Matter were taken further in Rock Jam, a symposium held in Bosahan Quarry and at Falmouth University that examined how site-based performance translates to other kinds of spaces.

Rock Jam – 05/04/2013

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