27. Land Matters: The quarry as sculpture – 19-23/11/2013

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Having never worked together before, ‘Land Matters’ at Transition 10 had a number of hurdles to cross. Ultimately we found a way of working together in the space that allowed our respective practices to co-exist, with limited cross fertilisation. We also hosted a number of public discussions about landscape. My aim for the event was to see how my research, that had predominantly been presented in the quarry or academic gatherings, transferred to a gallery setting. At the start of the week I brought a mass of material from the research, and used the gallery as a three dimensional drawing space.

Gradually I paired down the extraneous elements to what felt like some key productions from the research and methodologies. This was hugely helpful, as the gallery provided a neutral (in terms of the quarry) space to think with my material. The way I made use of the gallery as a making space suggested how I might, in future, work within gallery settings.

Having the opportunity to witness and discuss the role of the gallery with the other artists in ‘Land Matters’ was also invaluable; as the issues of presenting research was always present for all five of us. I completed my week at Newlyn with a confident strategy in place for future reference; where non-commercial gallery spaces could be valuable as a processual extension of the research, and open the work to other audiences geographically distinct from Cornwall’s granite landscape. The experience at Newlyn did however reinforce the idea that I didn’t want to present my work for assessment in a gallery space.



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