23. Split Infinities at Tate St Ives – 21-22/06/2014


During the midday break of the seminar I broadcast a live granite stitch-split, from the quarry, across the internet. I used my iPhone and an ‘app’ called Bambuser to broadcast the event. ”Split Infinities” plays on the linguistic term split infinitive; it considers the ways in which the mediation, as an interjection in the presentation of the event, transfers the sensorial experience to an audience. It questioned how the meaning of splitting granite shifts through a digital displacement, even though it is live and entirely open to interruption from the surrounding quarry activity — which it was when Mark Harris came and asked what was gong on.

It was mostly successful in that the quality of the broadcast was great, yet at the crucial moment of splitting the granite, the signal was lost. This was quite amusing, frustrating and in some way added to the content of the work. I had been seeking ways to broadcast quarry activity, and the element of live broadcast seemed to add more to the sense of a shared moment. The live broadcast offered a very interesting way of being both geographically displaced across the internet, with a specificity of place and action also present in a shared live moment.

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