The benefits of micro-mentoring

Léna Prouchet is a first-year PhD student based in the Environment and Sustainability Institute, Penryn Campus. Her research investigates strategies that could jointly address food insecurity and deforestation in the Peruvian rainforest.

“What on Earth is micro-mentoring?”

These were my first thoughts when I saw the Twitter post of the Exeter Doctoral College offering to book a micro-mentoring session.…

My top tips for writing a thesis

Charlotte Chivers is a final year PhD researcher within the Centre for Rural Policy Research and is exploring the efficacy of agricultural advice surrounding diffuse water pollution. She is in the final throes of writing her thesis and is starting a position at the University of Gloucestershire in September. 

If you were a brand what would you be?


Katherine Strick and Anastasia Voronkova are both PhD researchers. Katherine’s current research is investigating how meaningful occupation for people with dementia is perceived and the impact of this. She is presently working on the creation of a conceptual model.  Anastasia’s current research is investigating the interaction of health and wellbeing and environment conservation and sustainable exploitation (alternative livelihoods) in Indonesian Marine Protected Areas as part of the Blue Communities Project.…