Thinking about entering 3MT? Here are our top tips.


Jennifer is now a third year PhD student in the biosciences department. Jennifer looks at how elevated CO2, commonly found in fish farms, impacts lumpfish growth and behaviour. Lumpfish are farmed to be deployed into salmon pens across the U.K. Jennifer won the UoE 3MT competition in 2019.


Isabel Sawkins is a third year PhD student, based in the History Department at Exeter and the International Politics Department at Aberystwyth. Issy’s project investigates the contemporary memorialisation of the Holocaust in the Russian Federation, specifically how it has been represented in museums, film, and education.



Thinking about entering our 3 Minute Thesis competition? PGRs Jennifer Finlay and Isabel Sawkins, who run our presentation skills training, have developing this infographic with some top tips! Don’t forget to apply online by 30th April!