Top Tips for Tweet Your Thesis

Thinking about entering this year’s Tweet Your Thesis competition? We’ve asked last year’s winners for their advice and top tips to help you craft that prize-winning tweet!


Ari Cooper-Davis, PGR in the Centre for Water Systems – 1st Place













Ari’s top tips

  • Assume your audience is not familiar with your subject area, so try to avoid acronyms or subject-specific vocab
  • An eye-catching photo can draw attention. If you’ve not got any you can find freely-usable images on Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay
  • Using whitespace to break up big blocks of text makes it easier to scan, and can make your narrative easier to follow

You can find Ari on Twitter @aricooperdavis


Kate Sansum, PGR in the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre – 2nd Place















Kate’s top tips

  • Keep the message clear and simple. Imagine you are explaining your research to a child/teenager as this helps to ensure anyone can understand what your thesis is about
  • Use emojis to help save characters when you are over the limit
  • Add a relevant and engaging GIF or photo to supplement the information in your text

You can find Kate on Twitter @KateSansum.