Poster Session- College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences Conference 2021

Below are all the entries for this year’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences conference poster competition. Please look through the posters and vote on your top 3 here- EMPS Poster Competition 2021 vote.

Poster 1: Jets and instabilities in forced Magnetohydrodynamics flow

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Poster 2: Mechanical properties of PEEK filaments before and after Fused Filament Fabrication extrusion process

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Poster 3: Fault Tolerant Control of a Dual –System UAV Using Sliding Modes

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Poster 4: Supply chain network design with Sustainable supplier selection and order allocation under Disruption Risk and Uncertainty

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Poster 5: Comparison of State Estimation Performance of Nonlinear COVID-19 Model Using Extended Kalman Filters: Case Study in USA and India

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Poster 6: Two dimensional simulations of solar like models with artificially enhanced luminosity

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Poster 7: Exploring the Dynamics of a Vibro-Impact Capsule Moving in the Small Intestine via Finite Element Analysis

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Poster 8: Vibration Comfort of Pedestrians on Slender Footbridges

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Poster 9: Nanocomposite hearing overlays for next generation high performance/low emission internal combustion engine applications

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Poster 10: Characterising Exoplanets with the James Webb space telescope

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Outcomes of the PGR wellbeing and mental health survey

In June this year we (Andrew Livingstone and Anna Adlam, based in the Psychology department) conducted a survey of wellbeing and mental health among PGR students across the university. Wellbeing and mental health difficulties among PGR students are increasingly being recognised across the higher education sector, and the survey was a first attempt to assess their extent among PGR students at the University of Exeter.…

The Joy of Posters! Designing a poster that your audience will want to read

Caroline Nye is a social science researcher at the University of Exeter, having completed her PhD in rural sociology at the Centre for Rural Policy Research. She holds an MA (hons) in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, a diploma in International Development from London School of Economics (with a focus on environment) and has several years’ experience working on organic farms and in environmental education.

How art can help communicate science

Anna Sowa is a documentary film producer with a strong background in international affairs policy and academic research. After completing her BA in Arabic with International Relations, Anna continued her professional and academic interest in international development at SOAS, University of London where she graduated with a distinction MSc in Migration, Mobility and Development.

The Challenges of a Part-Time, Distance PGR Student

Passionate about languages, cultures and international affairs, Anne gained her Bachelors Degree in Modern Languages from Coventry University in 1997 and a Masters Degree in International Relations from the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset in 2002.  In 2005 after four years studying and teaching English as a Foreign Language in Spain, Mexico and France, Anne embarked on a career in software sales.